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Week of March 1st

Russell Stover

Caramels and Nuts Assortment, 9.4 oz. Box

Assorted Chocolates, 4.6 oz. Box

Assorted Chocolates, 1.7 oz. Box

Assorted Chocolates Happy Birthday Box, 4.6 oz.

Assorted Chocolates Congratulations Box, 4.6 oz.

The Details


Russell Stover brings you traditional chocolates in heart-shaped boxes every Valentine’s Day and beyond. Since 1923, Russell Stover has been crafting boxed chocolates that have become a part of your holiday traditions. All chocolates are designed by trusted chocolatiers, made in small batches, and have been manufactured in America since the very beginning. Chocolates are made using a wide variety of ingredients like dark truffle, crunchy pecan, and even mint cream. Satisfy any chocolate lover with a gift from Russell Stover.


Where to buy

Online: at Russell Stover website

Local pick up: at select stores nationwide

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